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The Hangout Outside of School Hours Care Centre which is unique and committed towards it's goal of ensuring children of all ages enjoy their childhood.

We are committed to supporting each child through their journey and being available to listen and to share each and every child’s idea's and thoughts. Both Alison and Renee are highly experienced educators who have a fountain of knowledge in Early Childhood.

Renee and Alison have over 18 years combined experience operating various childcare centres and have worked with children from 0 - 16 years!

To assist our families financially we offer great rates including discounts for families who book their children in 5 days per week.

Our programs are fun and child driven through their idea's and imagination.

Children host their own Fun Friday lolly shop where they use their profits to shop for toys and equipment of their choice to share with the centre.

School Holidays are a treat with parents not having to worry about hidden excursion costs, because we have it covered!!! all of our fees include excursions, Breakfast and Afternoon tea.

Before school the children have the option for breakfast with an extensive variety cereals, toasts and spreads. We feel it is super important for the children to go to school with a full tummy and the energy to learn and master their skills.

Equally as important we serve a yummy varied afternoon tea, full of fruit and lots of other choices so you know that your child is never hungry. An excellent selection of fruit and drinks are always available for the children.

We are here for the children and for our families.

Our venue caters for children to be involved in Tennis, Soccer, Martial arts, Cheerleading and so much more. Meaning there is no need for your child to miss out on extra activities due to family working commitments.

To ensure children create happy memories in a safe and fun environment!

We are so excited to share our knowledge and experience with our families and truly understand the stress of finding the right centre for your child. We are here to support your family make the right decision and assist you through this exciting journey.

Contact us now to find out how we can support your child and have them wanting to come back for more!

We service all the local schools in the Mirrabooka area including
Balga PS
Boyare PS
Burbridge Primary
Carmel School
Dianella Heights PS
Dryandra PS
Landsale PS
Mercy College
Morley High School
Mirrabooka Primary
Mirrabooka High School
Koondoola Primary
Nollamara PS
Nth Balga PS
Our lady of Mercy PS
Waddington PS
West Coast Steiner
Westminster Primary
West Greenwood PS
West Morley PS
Sutherland Dianella PS
Yokine Primary

just to list a few to list a few.

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